bucket list

1) be a river rafting guide for a summer

2) watch the sunrise with a stranger    6/9/16

3) do a color run // makeout with someone covered in paint

4) go to burning man at least once

5) go to costa rica with my best friend

6) do a weeklong solo backbacking trip

7) adopt a dog (australian shepherd?)

8) live on an island// somewhere it’s always sunny

9) go to new zealand –> go backpacking

10) learn to surf

11) have a giant bonfire

12) throw a giant party

13) celebrate the summer and winter solstices

14) go to a giant new years eve party

15) go skydiving

16) live in the woods

17) learn to fight // learn to shoot a gun

18) take a dancing class (hip hop)

19) do yoga #everydamnday for a month

20) learn to forearm stand

21) learn to kayak

22) learn to build a fire without a lighter or matches

23) learn to survive (alone)

24) go backcountry skiing (again + again)

25) live and work on a farm (for a summer // year)

26) have my own garden // mini farm with chickens, goats, veggies, fruit

27) go wasteless // ultra sustainable

28) get wilderness first aid//responder certified

29) go to the nba finals

30) go to the superbowl // steelers’ games

31) visit auschwitz

32) do birthright

33) go to petra, jordan

34) feed a camel

35) do a triathlon


…. last on the list: don’t forget about (doing) the list.


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