love is the movement

for as long as i can remember, i have questioned not only the meaning of life, my life, and the precise point of why we are alive, why we live, but also the sheer essence of life. and really, to be completely transparent, i did not truly articulate my conclusion until i read and reread eckhart tolle’s book the power of now. it is practically my bible, if i believed in such a thing. it is hands-down the most impactful book i have ever read in my life thus far, and i recommend it to any and everyone open to change, awakening, mindfulness, anyone looking to live a fulfilled life, anyone facing what may seem like an existential crisis, or anyone soul searching. until i came across this book, it seemed that i was completely floating through life, ungrounded, though with slight purpose- to find my purpose in life, as round-about as that may appear. i felt like a fish swimming constantly upstream, sorting through each pain i came across in life, each sadness in the world, internalizing every negative energy i observed, even and especially if it had no more than nothing to do with my life, as i felt the weight of the world and the responsability of patching it back together to be a place of love, light, happiness, health, equality, and much more. i felt the world’s downfalls, mistakes, horrors, unconsciousnesses pulling at my heart every single minute of each day and could not peer through this massive, darkening cloud to see the immensity of light in the world, and therefore my purpose and place. 

Tolle’s book, along with yoga and life guru rachel brathen (aka @yoga_girl, a must-check-out if you have not already) solifidified free-floating emotions and gut feelings, pulls on my moral and emotional heart compass that i had been picking up on, yet unable to fully articulate for years, since i could make any kind of good/bad judgment call on the world and the happenings composed within it. Tolle’s book entirely illuminated the simple, yet so nebulous, purpose of life in general and, more particularly, my life that i had felt, yet was unable to completely make sense of.

and what i came to again and again through tolle and rachel brathen’s words and guidance and my own internal compass and direction is a very short list:

(all according to the teachings i have come across and my own heart, mind, spirit, the whole lot)

  • love — the highest purpose in life; the only way through; the sole path to happiness, independence, solitude, success, achievement of dreams, fulfillement, and, most importantly love in one’s own life and with others, interrelationally. love is the answer. love with bring you through. i have struggled so deeply with this, as i thought love was, in fact, not the answer, but simply a peripheral aspect of the purpose of life until i came to tolle and rachel brathen due to how i was raised and my immediate environment until i left for undergraduate college, essentially. through love, one can find compassion, true understanding, genuine forgiveness. through love, one can find unimaginable strength and guidance, one can not only view, but deeply internalize the magic, the extreme beauty of the world, unblinded by emotions of the ego such as judgment, jealousy, sadness, and impatience. it is through love that we can and do begin to open our true purpose to the world and the universe and through these extremely intricate, small steps in our own intimate lives, our larger communities, and our greater world can we truly accomplish world security, solve global issues such as systemic hate and oppression, world hunger, inequality, equal rights, and animal extinction, for love opens the space for consciousness, allowing deep compassion to flood into the space that would, following thousands of years of history, be taken by fear and, by extension, violence.only through love, can one invite and bring more love.
  • happiness — is the eternal question of ‘how to be happy?’, how to find happiness and live happily not predominant in everyone’s mind and life? this is the question to answer, is it not? when one is asked, ‘what is the meaning of life?’ isn’t the answer so frequently, ‘to be happy?’ that is the essence of living. through love, comes happiness. i recently went to yosemite national park on my latest travel stint and hiked this incredibly beautiful trail called glacier point. along the entire trail, you gain steep altitude and look out on almost every major (if not every major) geological aspect of the valley: el capitan, half dome, the rainbow arches, three brothers, the domes – north and basket dome, vernal and nevada falls. it is truly an incredible sight. on my hike down, alone, i was mostly caught in my head, lost in thought, rather disconnected from the beauty that just enveloped me, until i would stop at the turn of a switchback and be in sheet awe of the structures protruding all around me. but what captivated my attention most, was not, in fact, the granite rock faces or the etched stone, but a simple, very small butterfly basking in a creek that ran across the trail laterally. i stopped to watch it, and for about 20 minutes was completely engulfed in the beauty that was this tiny butterfly, just flapping its wings, sitting upon a leave nearby, soaking up sun rays, simply being. i was just entranced by this bug with colors and wings. it was as simple as that. and i found there is so much happiness in that present moment, accessible to me, to you, to any everyone, through my choice of choosing love in love and, therefore, having simple opportunities of pure happiness in exquisite, tiny moments open up all through my life.

      • potivity/optimism — through positivity, found through love, i have quite literally fallin in love with the world and my life. i have found how magical so, so much of our universe is. and found how incredibly beautiful everything is, in just daily life. once i foud love, and through love happiness, and through both positivity, everything seemed simply positive, almost just naturally.

      so here you are.
      three tips for finding and being love, happiness, and positivity today:

      1. be passionate about something bigger than yourself. it inspires growth.
      2. be proactive about your dreams. stop waiting, get started. 
      3. be patient with people. give the love you wish to receive. and even if you don’t, give love still. foster no feelings grounded in fear or lacking in love, even and especially when it seems like the wrong decision. 

      i recently sat down to journal and via instagram inspiration made a list of all things made of magic:

      • love 
      • dogs’ soft fur
      • just dogs
      • best friends
      • boobs
      • soft dog earts
      • butts
      • honey
      • sunrises/sunsets
      • sweat
      • fitness
      • water
      • color
      • cuddling
      • nutella
      • emotions/feelings
      • art
      • seduction & passion
      • sex
      • stars
      • music
      • tears
      • parties
      • beautiful views & vistas & places
      • ice cream
      • life

      “life is crazy. but it should be a little crazy, or else it’s just a bunch of thursdays.” 

      so, in conclusion, this morning or wherever you are right now in your day, let go of everything you didn’t do right, the negative things people have said or done, the less than perfect things you have done and aspects of your life you perceive to be suboptimal, and shift your focus entirely, completely, on all you are becoming.   

      there is no designated time for anything in your life. 
      you don’t have to have your first kiss or lose your virginity or have a certain amount of sex at any certain time, you don’t have to get married in your 20’s and you don’t have to do anythign because other people thing it’s best. 
      in fact, you will be much better off if you just do what your heart says. the day you stop caring what other people think is the day their opinions don’t mean anything, 
      because you’re not here to give them weight. 

      just remember, 
      in case your mind is playing tricks on your today,
       you matter.
      you are important.
      you are loved.
      and your precense on this earth makes a difference,
      whether you see it or not. 
      accept yourself as you are. and that is the most difficult thing in the world, 
      because it goes against your training, education, your culture. 
      from the very beginning you have been told how you should be;
      nobody has ever told you that you are good as you are. 

      “today, wake up & decide you’re going to be happy as a puppy.”


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