why i’m out here

i love life. i love every damn day of it.

but sometimes, i get a little lost…. feel oversaturated with opinions, input, beliefs, pressures, should’s, could’s, and must’s.

why not live a life of why not’s, make life a little salty? why not forget all the chatter and unnecessary distractions?

this shit is short, people. why not live in the sun, howl at the night sky, pee yourself in laughter, and rip that powder like today is the last day?  because god dammit iced cappuccinos in the smooth afternoon sun are spectacular, shredding a flow trail on a mountain bike is equitable to visiting the stars, and swimming naked in the open ocean just ain’t so promiscuous, but damn, is it glorious.

i am just beginning my journey, eating, laughing, loving my way through life, the only way i know how, breathing in every second of all its beauty.


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 3.14.32 PM


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