This moment now.

I woke up one day and realized how beautiful everything is, how incredible every second of life is, everyday. And I decided to focus all my energy on nothing but those things, totally zenning the fuck out on those things, entirely soaking up every passion, love, positivity that this world has to offer and sending it right along to the next person to do the same.

I woke up today and refused to stress about that which I cannot change, that which does not matter in the slightest. I realized how magical everything is- love, stars, delicious food, light, honey, water, nature, dogs and their softest ears, dancing, laughter, seals, parties, wine, butts, best friends, color, sweat, lust, sex, music, sand, play, tears, happiness, pure emotion, eyes, snow, chocolate, ice cream, butterflies, hikes, work, hugs. I realized how much fucking magic is in our world , and I was so overwhelmed I could neither see nor feel anything else. 

  • I realized the meaning of life is to just be alive, that it is all so, so simple. 
    I woke up today and understood the secret to having everything is realizing, I, you, already do. βš“ #grounded


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