do what sets your heart on fire 

today more than ever it seems as if americans focus primarily on living life with the goal of becoming successfull, by which they mean monetarily so. the idea is that one makes money to do what one loves, as opposed to doing what one loves to make money, and, by extension, greatly bettering the world, funnelling it love and light and positivity and so much beautifully saturated energy, furthering our positive success as a greater whole, not as solely one individual. 

this, to me, could not be more inverted, the idea that each person is obligated to make ends meat, hacking away at a never ending slab of rock that will just never progress and never add any positive progress to the world, simply kicking the can further and further down the road. it is not my place to speak for others, but in my short year of experience living with this as my intention, unconsciously, i have never felt more complacent, dispassionate, and rather useless, like my place in the world was almost meaningless. except, i know in my heart that 1) i simply cannot live this way, and 2) i have a deep desire to positively influence this world as much as i possibly can while my two feet are planted firmly on its soil. so bring it on. 

in the time that i have quit my job and planlessly travel (really, the only way to travel in all honestly, by following your heart to every historical sight you run into along the rougly 2,000 mile journey), i have tuned in my focus on what does exactly that, set my heart on fire and, in turn, better the world. though in the years in my life before, well, now really, i felt greatly uncertain about my path forward, my career, my place in the world, how i’d make money, how i’d find happiness, i feel very certain, after much soul searching and job grazing, that i have focused in on a path that is increasingly right with each step i take towards it. i realized in passing conversations with aquantances and also deep conversations with friends and family, simply discussing their lives and careers, my path forward, current events, new tech and science, that i began to get just so increadibly stoked on things that i had 1) never even quite allowed myself to be that excited or impassioned about before, and 2) realized i could, with focus and determination, distinctly make a career out of and, quite honestly, could not spare to lose the opportunity of not doing just that, following my passions, the things in this world that just make your eyes so big and leave you in sheer amazement, repelled by utter shock and awe. 

upon returning to san francisco and recommencing my job hunt, i plan to volunteer for the marine mammal center in rodeo beach directly adjacent to the golden gate bridge, and basically fulfill a lifelong dream of mine- working directly hands-on with animals, in this case seals, elephant seals, walruses, some dolphens possibly, and other sea mammals. and, with any great stretch of luck, i will be rescuing these mammals off beaches of northern california, particularly (rather obviously) the beach in and around the san francisco bay area. i watched an intro video, about 12 minutes long, yesterday talking about all the services the center does, how they run their facilities, and, most interesting to me, how they rescued the mammals off the beaches. while watching this video and the center’s rescues and work, i almost burst into tears out of sheer excitement to have such an opportunity to get so intimately involved with this organization. i am beyond excited to experience sea mammals that closely and also offer my help and labor to such an incredible organization. 

this and shit like this render me so excited and so utterly stoked about the world that i can hardly sit still, that i can feel the excitement in my fingertips, that i find so much light and love in the world and my own life. 

this is the shit, the shit that embalms you in a stoked aura, the shit that sets your heart on fire and makes you scream in stokededness (using it! …but, like, not really a word) is the exact shit that we should each be doing, not the shit that pays us good money that we care nothing for, not the shit that makes ends meat that does nothing but harm us and the people around us and the world, not the shit that is a chore each and everyday. this is life– your life! you should always and forever be emblamed in a rad aura, stoked on life permanently. what other fucking life purpose is there? and anyway, the world needs more people who are just so eloquently, passionately, inspiringly in love with their lives, their jobs, their everyday activities, and, so by extension and inclusion, the whole god damn world.


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