finally, my hiring day came.

and i start work tomorrow.

i wasn’t unemployed for any great length of time. and while, yes, i felt lost, confused, frazzled, and jazzed all at in one single moment, and while i felt down on my luck after cold applying to so many jobs that i’ve lost count, i have found something that works for me. i did not face the frustration and ultimate, endless frustration of unemployment for six months or even longer, but the short time i spent looking for work after graduation in may illuminated some insight into the job market.

so here we go.

if it works for you, that’s freaking great. but i had rather minimal luck cold applying to jobs, and by ‘cold applying’ย i mean applying to a position with no networking connection or otherwise, simply responding to a job posting found online or elsewhere. these jobs are challenging to get, as the employer’s only reference to you is your resume and cover letter and, of course, hopefully your in-person interview. if you’re slightly underqualified due to lack of job experience because you’ve been in school for four years or have been traveling, experiencing life, love and the pursuit of happiness, or embarking uponย some other awesome experience across the globe, you may find yourself getting the cold employment shoulder with no responses, sad responses that begin with, ‘we are sorry to inform you that we….’ + tears, tears, tears, or, the bittersweet teaser of getting an interview and thenย getting the ‘unfortunately, we have decided to…’ ย + tears, tears, tears response. these responses, though they may lead you in all the right directions with lots of sadness, are frustrating and can feel degrading and belittling. you may feel like while you see all you’ve accomplished and how amazingly great of a candidate you are, it seems like no one is entrusting you with such professional responsibility. and not to invite reddit, 4chan and their memes into this, well, to be frank, cleansed and respectable environment, but:

unnamedthat feeling sucks. i was in bed with that feeling for, at least what seemed like, too long, and it wasn’t even that long!

but, finally, my hiring day came, and someone saw all i could bring to a beautiful, professional, career table and gave me an offer that was not minimum wage for hard-ass, 6-day/week labor with minimum compensation and promise. i can now begin to climb the ladder of success and development and progress towards my career goals.

but i found this job not on my own, not on a networking or recruiting site or linkedin, but through a strong networking connection and her contacts. while this is great and networking is super helpful and all, it is rather frustrating to feel that i cannot find and land a job successfully all on my own. i think, in fact, this kind of structure of getting jobs is an aloft fantasy that has and may never work unless you are freaking bill gates with an iq of, like, 180. recruiting, getting recruited rather, is another beast altogether and can, if done correctly, actually be very helpful, as you can focus on writing your best cover letter and crafting your best resume while someone else researches and markets you for you.

when it comesย down to it, just keep chipping away. take a second to step back and target your energy towards your goals. figure out your goals, ambitions, dreams. write them down. make a step by step plan to accomplish them. and never forget:

you are all that.

you got all that

whole purpose,

queen ambition,

driven go getting,

change the world,

type of vibe.

and you can do anything you put your mind to.

never forget what michael jordan said about success. it takes more failure than many are willing to endure.


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