get on the grind… or at least try

running is arguably one of the hardest sports, especially to succeed in. i’ve been relatively athletic my whole life, and running remains a huge challenge for me. i’ve never truly felt in running shape. i’ve always ever felt that i was in an uphill battle, no pun intended.

recently, though, i’ve been trying to get my grind back on and get back into legitimate shape. i’ve set small goals, and although i’ve had small successes, i’ve felt more challenged than ever before it seems. while running towards my most updated goal of 100 miles by October 31st, ย i’ve compiled a list of the most important aspects of running and other general pillars of running that have worked and yielded more successful running workouts for me thus far. please keep in mind that these do not work for everyone, but please try ’em out and tell me what you think!!

get back into running shape: a list

1. run to really run music.

i know running articles always list this as an essential in the running world, but it truly makes all the difference. pick a song you’ve recently fallen in love with or an oldie that always spreads a smile on your face. and god damnit, dance while you run!! it’s so much fun!!!

2. relax.

this is also another essential component to running and almost any other sport. i’ve faced challenges relaxing my entire running career, and it can be quite hindering and frustrating. i read recently an article from shape magazine that said “there’s no needย stress; humans are built to run.” today on my jog, i thought about this quotation the entire time, and it propelled my running. if you’re interested look up the history of running for humans. it’s incredibly interesting.

3. stretch.

so many runners skip the crucial step of stretching. not only does stretching allow your muscles to relax and rejuvenate themselves, but it also enables you, as an athlete and overall person, to reset, breathe, and meditate calmly after an intense or even relatively chill workout session. it enables us, as athletes, to come back to our goals while fueling and mending our musclesย and minds.

4. if you feel it hurt, let it chill.

i have had my fair share of training and exercise related injuries, be them minor or drastic. i’m a relatively conservative athlete in my training, and though in many ways this restricts the goals i’m able to attain, i feel it allows me to stay healthy and happy and continuing to train and reach said goals. in the times that i’ve been injured, it’s been central to my training to rest, rest, rest and allow that injury to return a healthy state.

5. have fun.

because what is life, what is training, without having fun?!

6. do what you’re comfortable with.

going hand in hand with avoiding and mending injuries, it’s central to running and any type of athletic training to move at a pace and in a style comfortable for you. this manifests itself in many different ways, primarily in listening to your body and responding accordingly. you have to push yourself to improve as an athlete or in any aspect of your life, but you can do that within the confines of what is healthy for you. only you know what that limit is, the limit that keeps you sane, healthy, strong, and, most importantly, happy.

7. listen to chill music.

what better way to constitute a workout than with music?

8. don’t wear a watch.

running on time can be distracting and detracting. it can undercut a run and enable you to justify running for only 10 minutes because you feel like you “can’t” continue. watches can oftentimes provide excuses and gross distractions from getting in the zone and staying there.

9. get dressed up… yes, to run.

as a female, it’s important to feel confident in doing anything. a key way to accomplish this is dressing in sexy, fitting, bad-ass clothing that puts you in the mood to grind and push your limits as person and athlete.

10. stay positive.

the magic spell for any goal, journey, quest, adventure in life.


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