50 ways to get that happiness high

1. meditate

2. have sex

3. say yes (to something that feels right)

4. say no (to something that feels wrong)

5. be in nature

6. have truly quiet alone time in nature

7. holding a baby

8. listen to music

9. cuddling!

10. shavasana (corpse pose, body scan)

11. chanting or other group singing

12. yoga

13. tai chi

15. chi-gong

16. dancing

17. energy healing (reiki, healing touch, quantum touch, acupuncture etc.)

18. making art

19. writing

20. playing on the floor with a small child

21. learning about the chakras

22. studying spiritual texts

23. spending time with a Sangha (community of spiritual learners)

24. finding life’s purpose

25. making choices based on life purpose

26. making choices aligned with our values

27. holding a special rock or crystal

28. working with intentions such as health, happiness, compassion and life purpose

29. listening to our intuitive voice

30. choosing not to be intimidated about money

31. water (still or moving, inside or outside)

32. giving all of our attention to what we are doing (also called mindfulness)

33. scanning our body from our feet to our head and sending the energy through

34. imagining light coming down into our bodies

35. giving our problems to the divine

36. walking slow and steady

37. feeling heard

38.taking a nap

39. lying in the hot sun

40. watching an inspirational video or reading an inspiring book

41. being appreciated

42. feeling like were on the same ‘wavelength’ as another person

43. saying “I Love You”

44. hearing “I love you”

45. realizing everything is interconnected and using this for inspiration

46. breaking a habitual pattern

47. massage

48. sauna

49. a healthy meal eaten peacefully

50. choosing to raise our vibration


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