it’s about time we just be true selves

i’m not sure if you follow her at all, but @yoga_girl (instagram, facebook, twitter) is a true sensation, admiration and goddess. other than the obvious yoga talent she portrays, this young woman, only 27 years young, has changed herself, myself, and our world. she has brought a new geyser of youth, positivity and happiness into the universe and our hearts in the face of the negativity of this world and its heartache.

one of rachel’s teachingsΒ in particular that truly clicks with me is her love for herself and her own freedom to allow herself to achieve her own identity, her own version of happiness and love, despite what others believe, judge, think, or express. it’s hard to avert her love from it reaching you. she is an incredibly inspirational influence in our modern world today.

in my loss and confusion of my identity, even as a 22-year-old, i find her words comforting and reliable, aiding and supportive. even in spotlight, rachel continues to guide herself towards the life she desires.

in light of her guidance that i have followed for years on instagram and facebook, i think it’s about damn time i stop letting my peers, parents, friends, and society chase me around and tell me how i should live my life, what i should do, what’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad. for aren’t these factors in life entirely subjective and contingent upon one’s personal circumstances? i’ve had dreams for years: live a life of pure, undoubted happiness, be confident in my yoga routine and ability, be the most physically fit i can be, explore the world, love to my highest ability, and many more. it seems, though, that the world we share discourages these notions, emotions, and activities, and encourages rage, anger, jealousy, indifference, desire for money and disinterest in other human’s emotions, desires, needs. why do we live in such a world? do we all not have the equal ability to change it every second? that’s the world, rachel’s world, that i want to live in, contribute to, love in.


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