how do we live and love each moment?

the all-time question of life. how do we live for each moment and enjoy each moment through hardship, sadness, even happiness.
sometimes i feel like i’m just drifting along my life’s journey, crossing things off my to-do list, go to the store, write history paper, go to the gym, eat dinner, make bed, mail thank you notes. what happened to daily invigoration? what happened to true, unhalting, bright-as-the-sun, exploding happiness? you know, the kind you feel when you fall in love,  when you reach a goal, when you make a new friend. why is that unfaltering happiness and light so evading? how do we hold it and foster it each day?

i grew up, you may know, with rather conservative, negative parents, particularly my mother. my parents, whom i love dearly, have a great knack for focusing all their energy on all the negative in their lives, our country, the and their world. never have i been able to truly understand particularly why this was such a significant habit they formed, as i have, for as long as i can remember, housed an inner compass that cannot point from the positive. though i have breaches of negativity, i cannot help but express an intense desire to live my life in positivity, compassion, empathy, love, and light. why the hell not? why would i have the desire to wake up each morning, avoid the sunrise, clench my teeth, feature a frown, whine about the worries of the world and all i see going south, and disperse all my energies that commenced with a positive orientation in the most negative fashion imaginable? can you envision my confusion?

all my life, i’ve taken small steps every day to disconnect myself from such negativity, spread love, block such critical, judgmental energy, and display my smile to the world so i can live in happiness and create a positive world.

so i suppose the way to live each moment to the fullest and enjoy life to its greatest potential is to do exactly this: focus on your dreams of happiness, of light and love, of positivity and optimism, and in time that is where you’ll find yourself. there’s a clear reason why the slogans “dance when no one is watching” and “live each moment to the fullest” are so popular; they’re true! have you ever danced without reservations? or forgotten about other people’s opinions? or streaked across your college campus? you really ought to try it! it’s the best way to live and have enjoy life to its truly full potential; it’s the easiest way to practice living consciously in the moment, each moment. you will find that your one precious, crazy life will be just that: crazy and incredible and so, so full of love and laughter and light.


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