Homemade gluten-free/ nut-free/ soy-free protein bars!

Whole Without Wheat

I am proud to announce that I made this protein bar completely from scratch, and completely without a recipe. Yes that’s right, this is a Rachel Ziehnert original! And I love them so much more than any store-bought bar!

Tell me that doesn’t look AHH-MAZING!?

I’m always on the look-out for yummy, gluten-free bars I can eat while in between appointments with clients, traveling, or hiking. To be honest, I haven’t had much luck finding something I absolutely just LOVE. My issue with store-bought protein bars is that they have a million ingredients in them that are totally foreign to me, and they taste pasty and gross-chewy. You know what I mean about the gross-chewy thing– there is a “yummy-chewy” and a “gross-chewy,” and most protein bars are not yummy-chewy! Last fall I decided to try making my own bars, so I searched the internet high and wide for a…

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