how to be happier

21 ways to improve your happiness levels:

1. play loud ass music. be proud of your 90s love and rock that aaron carter, blink-182 or brit. they all flaunt it.

2. worry less. not just about what other people think of you (or anyone else for that matter), but also about life. live the journey. things will come up; they always do, but the journey is where the true juice of life lies. it’s the best part, the heart of hearts, the fruit of the loom, the passion.

3. take a leap, a chance, and take it hard. go tubing. jump off a cliff (small or big). ask someone out. flirt with a stranger. pierce your ear… or nose… or tongue or whatever the hell you want.

4. sleep outside. even just in your backyard. you will not believe how much it changes everything. breathe in fresh air and close your eyes. it’s amazing.

5. spread some love. give something to another person, even if you don’t know then very well at all.

6. start a journal. unless you don’t like to write, then draw or paint or create something. and the best part? don’t stress about how it looks. just make it. create it and let it stand alone.

7. garden. get your nails dirty, like really, really dirty. shove your hands in the soil. maybe even take a lick. play with the worms. plant some tomatoes. pick some oranges, lemons, strawberries, or mint. smell the basil. steal some lavender from down the street. just a lil bit. it can’t hurt too much.

8. go skinny dipping. or just be naked, like, anywhere. yes, it’s against the law, but who the hell cares. you only live once. jump in the sound at night naked. jump in your neighborhood pool with some friends. go streaking. let your junk swing free for a while. liberate yourself!

9. forgive people. even those who have broken you in places you though were never even there or who have shattered a part of your heart you’ll never get back. forgive them. and then walk away. say you’re sorry and move on. you don’t have to be friends or even friendly necessarily. it’s your life, but i promise your forgiveness will set you free.

10. read in the sun. or sleep in the sun. warm up your feet. bleach your hair just a tad. get a little rosey. and then crawl back to your shade. but first let le soleil warm your soul.

11. find laughter in the simplest of things, no matter how ridiculous or goofy. let your laugh go, let it roar!!

12. don’t hold yourself back for other people’s sake. let yourself soar. you do you.

13. dress up. even if you have nowhere to go. or go out too, even better. put some bumpin’ tunes on, and try on every outfit you own. find the cutest, sexiest one and flaunt the shit out of it, just for yourself. put on too much makeup just for the fun of it.

14. play a board game. hang out with your friends, even the ones you’re not so close to. have a great time.

15. raise a glass. findΒ the things in your life that warrant no celebration what so ever, and celebrate the shit out of them. cheers to every small thing. celebrate waking up that morning- celebrate life.

16. cook yourself a fancy-ass meal. have a glass of expensive wine while you’re at it.

17. do something you’ve always planning and never done. go somewhere unexpected and unprecedented.

18. be spontaneous. i know magazines and people always include this one, but damnit, it’s so true. loosing yourself in spontaneity is one of the greatest feelings. let loose for a while- a whole day maybe. have unexpected fun. in my life i’ve learned that planning has actually hindered the fun i’ve had. i need to listen to myself more…

19. cuddle. give another some sweet cuddle loving or a message.

20. hang out with people who never make you think about anything you say, people who love spending time with you, good-hearted people. never let these people go. they are the spice of life and will brighten your world more than almost anything and everything else.

21. lastly but most importantly!! watch the sunrise and sunset whenever you possibly can. it’s the most amazing parts of everyday. it will fill your heart with joy and love and remind you just how incredibly amazing life is.


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