that one guy…

i know all people aren’t straight, and in fact i don’t think myself straight, but for all intense and purposes of this post, it’s all about that one person, that one guy for myself, that has that ever-present, itching, aching, annoying as all hell je ne sais quoi about him. and the catch? it’s always there… somehow. you break up, and it’s painful as hell forever, and then somehow miraculously you get over it, and the pain stops, and you forget about him, and you move on. and it’s great! life is beautiful as can be! you find other lovers, hook-ups, sexy friends, and nothing could matter less than that one guy… until you see him again. and slowly, like a growing sickness, it seeps back in even though you try your hardest to quarantine it and contain it. it’s like a disease, and even though he’s unbearable, almost nauseatingly so, you can’t help yourself. ย you have no idea why; there’s no rhyme or reason. it makes no sense at all… but you keep giving to it and it keeps coming at you even though every sense, all your conscience is telling you, “back away slowly,” you can’t…. even when you’re in love with someone else…

eventually you stop seeing him and you forget he was even there in the first place; you’re back to a good square one. you know you’ll entirely well-off. that is, until you see him again when you know you’ll feel it seep a little deeper once again…

but until that day…


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