i’m dedicated to eating healthily… but what in the hell am i supposed to eat anymore?!

eating and being healthy to me, especially in the most recent months, has been a top priority in my life. and, almost all the time, i feel great! i’ve found, though, that i face a constantly ongoing battle with eating and more specifically with eating out, realizing that unnecessarily high calorie foods pumped with an overload of sugar or other artificial sweeteners, gluten, and unhealthy oils and fats are e-v-e-r-ywhere! everywhere i turn! it’s become a challenge to eat out at restaurants or with friends, though i make it work, eating lots of veggies, baked (not fried) chicken, yogurts (low sugar- that stuff can get so freaking sugary so freaking fast that you won’t know what hit you until you’re, yes, you named it- bonking!), salads, fruits (with lots of moderation because these suckers, though they’re my cryptonite, are also jacked up on sugars), and high-protein yummies that i’ve listed in previous posts (legumes, tofu, some meats, and so on).ย 

and thus far, i’ve thought that i’ve been splendidly sticking by my goals, creating healthy habits and fueling my body with goodness. but this morning, i came across a shape magazine article entitled “12 salads worse than a big mac,” and my world was shattered. i was, and still am, appalled.ย 

the article writes on seemingly healthy meals from asian grilled chicken salads to taco and greek salads. after taking a read through, i realized how many empty and unhealthy calories are hidden in almost everything, especially prepared foods in grocery stores and out in restaurants.ย 

the article names ad-ins, cheeses, deli meats, other fatty meats, mayonnaise, and dressing such as bleu cheese and other creamy dressings as the main ingredients at fault of pushing the previously lower calorie, healthy salad to a max calorie count of 800-1,250 or more calories. according to shape magazine’s calculations, that’s just as much as an olive garden alfredo pasta plate.ย 

now that salads have even been illuminated as questionable in addition to many other commonly consumed foods, i’m at a loss for what exactly i should eat when i go out. have foods such as cheeses and steak become special indulging foods to eat only once every two weeks? or does this mean that i simply need to amp up my workout routine in order to eat these trickster salads? i gotta eat!ย 

here are some possible solutions? unless they alsoย harbor secrets.ย 

5 satisfying summer salads

my advice? head for the salmon, avocado, fish, seafood salads or indulge! you only live once!ย 



12 salads worse than a big mac

your green-eating guide

shape magazine: weight loss



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